Practical, Effective Solutions for Roadside Vegetation Control

Broadleaf Control

This is a highly effective way to control nuisance and noxious weeds. KLon uses a combination of herbicides to control the broadleaf weeds within grassy areas. This method of weed control serves a couple of purposes; it allows the grass to create competition to the pest weeds and creates a grassy area that is weed-free and pleasant to look at.


Mowing is also a control measure that's often used in vegetation management programs, and may be recommended in cases where it's not possible to use herbicides.

When vegetation isn't controlled along roadsides, it can pose a variety of dangers and limit access to the surrounding areas. KLon regularly performs roadside vegetation control for companies and provincial and municipal governments, most often using applications that include broadleaf control programs and mowing. If you require roadside vegetation control, we'll determine the plan of action that makes the most sense for the area, the plant species growing there and your budget.

Contact us to learn more about controlling a particular weed or other vegetation issue safely and effectively.