Landscape and Lawn Care in Grande Prairie

We are proud to lead the way in the future of mowing and full robotic lawn care! Our eco-friendly full robotic lawn services are affordable and reliable, plus your lawn will look freshly cut every day. Grande Prairie home owners and businesses can rely on KLon Vegetation to keep their lawns weed free, and looking great.

A well-manicured lawn shows pride in your home and vastly improves the value of your property. Taking proper care of a lawn can, however, be time-consuming. Nobody wants to spend their entire weekend mowing their lawn, pulling up weeds or gardening, but it’s well worth the effort when you can show off a sprawling, vibrant lawn and beautiful landscaping.

KLon Vegetation is the first landscape maintenance company to offer robotic lawn care to the Grande Prairie area. Our automated system is designed to promote a lush, healthy lawn and provides benefits such as:

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  • Reliable, freshly cut lawn daily rain or shine.
  • Lawn trimmings fertilize your lawn to keep it healthier, lush and green.
  • Eco-friendly, robotic mowers emit a fraction of the pollution when compared to a gas mower.
  • Robotic lawn mowers are much safer than the traditional mower.
  • They are also quiet enough to mow when you’re in a conference call, or when your kids are asleep!

Lawn Care In Grande Prairie For Any Home

Along with providing vegetation control solutions for companies and governments, KLon also helps homeowners achieve lush, weed-free lawns that improve the overall look of a property and boosts curb appeal. Whether you have a little or a lot of grass, you can benefit from a custom broadleaf weed control program.

"Isn't Spraying Weeds Bad For The Environment?"

Not necessarily! Lawn care discussions across the nation are focused on the use of chemical control. We feel that educating clients in this area is key to achieving successful results with an environmentally effective use of chemical, mechanical and biological controls. We'll inform you about the best broadleaf herbicide and other applications that will transform your lawn in the safest manner possible. Lawn care in Grande Prairie has never been this safe or environmentally friendly!

To learn more about the vegetation control services we offer homeowners, or to ask questions about the broadleaf weed killer we use on lawns, please call us: 780-841-5985