The Best Vegetation Management Program for Your Specific Needs

Trust us to apply our years of experience and training to design and implement the vegetation management program that's right for the industrial area you wish to target, the invasive plant species that grow there, and your budget. We'll educate you on the applications and/or resources that are available and which have the highest likelihood for success in your particular situation.

Your weed program could include any of the following applications and/or resources:

  • Bareground Seasonal Programs
  • Backed by a season-long guarantee, this program is applied once per season and will control any and all of the vegetation you identify as being a nuisance in a specific area. With this cost-effective and environmentally friendly program, we tank mix a number of products that will successfully control the plant species in the area.

    Book your annual bareground program any time from early spring through to late fall.

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  • Contact Control Programs
  • This short-term solution is often chosen by commercial clients who do not yet have a pest management program in place. That said, KLon will always recommend that clients incorporate a management program because Contact Control alone isn't cost effective; multiple applications are required and its success is heavily dependent on weather and growing conditions, which means KLon does not offer a warranty with a contact program.

    Round-up is typically the industrial weed killer or herbicide used, and will only control growing vegetation. Because multiple applications are required, weed resistance may occur over time.

    The window of time for contact control is shorter, meaning we spray weed killer according to emergent plant species.

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  • Broadleaf Control Programs
  • This specific mix of herbicides designed only to control broadleaf weeds is most often used in reclamation programs, ditches, pipelines and utility right of ways. While grass species in these areas may be desirable, broadleaf weeds are not. This control program tackles the problem plants and can be very beneficial to an overall vegetation management program for any industrial site.

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