Vegetation Control Services

State-of-the-art Technology For Optimal Results & Greater Transparency

At KLon, we recognize that there are many ways our services can benefit from the latest technologies. Most importantly, technology can be used to improve the effectiveness of our vegetation management services and to keep our clients in the loop with regards to the work we're doing on their behalf.

Want To Know What We've Been Up To? We Can Show You!

We've equipped all of our units with GPS control and reporting, which means that we can effectively track and record every movement while we spray on a vegetation management job.

Enhanced Job Accuracy and Efficiency

Easy On-Screen Guidance for Spray Application

Improved Reporting Capabilities

Minimizes Paperwork

KLon's Customer Portal

Microsoft Sharepoint logo

To provide total transparency and the highest quality service, we use Microsoft SharePoint to streamline communication with our clients and to give them easy access to the data they require.

Rapid Report and Data Delivery

Secure Data Storage and Transmission

Capable of Handling Large Files With Ease

Office 365 Integrated/Compatible With Most IT Departments

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