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Is it time to get mowing Grande Prairie? KLon Services is happy to take care of everything you need in landscape services for Grande Prairie and the surrounding area!

Broadleaf Control

klon services landscaping broadleaf control

This is a highly effective way to control nuisance and noxious weeds. KLon uses a combination of herbicides to control the broadleaf weeds within grassy areas.

This method of weed control serves a couple of purposes; it allows the grass to create competition to the pest weeds and creates a grassy area that is weed-free and pleasant to look at. Broadleaf weeds will diminish in appearance and become easier to control, while grass continues to thrive.


klon services lawnmowing residential landscaping

Mowing Grande Prairie comes up fast when the weather changes! And mowing is also a weed control measure that's often used in vegetation management programs, so it may be recommended in cases where it's not possible to use herbicides. Mechanical weed control can effectively reduce the concentration of weed density. Mowing is usually most effective before invasive plants have gone to seed.

Call us to learn more about controlling a particular weed or other vegetation issue safely.

Residential Landscaping

KLon is a dedicated landscape services Grande Prairie provider. In addition to business and government properties, KLon is available to improve residential properties. Boost curb appeal and the overall look of your property by hiring our team at KLon to free your lawn of weeds and enhance the lushness of your property.

Landscaping Supplies

We stock a variety of landscaping supplies that improve the look of your property, these materials include: sand, gravel, soil, and mulch.

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Mulches & Wood Barks

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Pet Damage

KLon landscaping pet damage

Pets and lawns don’t always go together well. Pets can be hard on lawns, and the experts at KLon Vegetation know exactly what is needed to treat landscape issues created by pets. Let us help you restore and maintain your lawn that has been damaged by pets. We are available to help you develop a plan that will suit your specific needs.