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Trust KLon to apply our years of experience and training to design and implement a vegetation management program that's right for you. We base our plans on the industrial area you wish to target, the invasive plant species that grow there, and your budget. We’re also a great source of info on herbicide sprayers, applications, and/or resources that have the highest likelihood for success in your particular situation.

KLon works throughout the Grande Prairie and County of Grande Prairie region. Let our team help you gain back control of your property and stop the spread of invasive plants.

Bareground Seasonal Programs

klon vegetation bareground vegetation control programs

Backed by a season-long guarantee, this program is applied once per season and will control any and all of the vegetation in a specific area. With this cost-effective and environmentally friendly program using an herbicide sprayer, we mix a number of products that will successfully control the plant species in the area.

Book your annual bareground program any time from early spring through to late fall.

Contact Control Programs

klon vegetation herbicide contact control programs

This short-term solution is often chosen by commercial clients who do not yet have a pest management program in place. That said, KLon will always recommend that clients incorporate a management program because Contact Control alone isn't cost effective; multiple applications are required for weed control and its success is heavily dependent on weather and growing conditions.

A contact herbicide is typically the industrial weed killer or herbicide used, and will only control growing vegetation. Because multiple applications are required, weed resistance may occur over time.

The window of time for contact control is shorter, meaning we spray weed killer according to emergent plant species.

Broadleaf Control Programs

grande prairie broad leaf dandelions weed control herbicide

This specific mix of herbicides designed only to control broadleaf weeds is most often used in reclamation programs, ditches, pipelines and utility right of ways. While grass species in these areas may be desirable, broadleaf weeds are not.

Our team will manage to rid these areas of intrusive plants such as dandelions while maintaining the healthy growth of grass. This control program tackles the problem plants and can be very beneficial to an overall vegetation management program for any industrial site.

Roadside Weed Control and Mowing

roadside weed control

When vegetation isn't controlled along roadsides, it can pose a variety of dangers and limit access to the surrounding areas. KLon regularly performs roadside vegetation control for companies and governments, most often using applications that include broadleaf weed control programs and mowing.

By preventing the spread of aggressive plant species and controlling overgrowth, these areas can continue to be functional as well as visually appealing. If you require roadside vegetation control, we'll determine the plan of action that makes the most sense for the area, the plant species growing there and your budget. We are an efficient and practical choice for roadside weed control and mowing in the County of Grande Prairie.

Reclamation Services

KLon Services vegetation control reclamation services

KLon Vegetation has the training, experience, and equipment necessary to help clients breathe new life into the landscapes at reclaimed leases, access roads and pipelines. Trained by environment companies to perform the weed control, tree stem count and overall rejuvenation of a landscape, our team regularly travels to near and remote locations in Alberta to provide clients with a full range of reclamation services.

We work closely with several environmental companies and design comprehensive management plans for year one of a landscape's reclamation, right through to the last phase of the process. Proper planning ensures the best possible reclamation solution is provided and that clients are constantly up to speed with regards to where their reclamation project stands.

Our team is capable of assessing a variety of different landscapes and can provide professional development and execution of each project. Each project can vary extensively from site to site, and KLon Vegetation has the experience and equipment to execute each type of reclamation project properly.

We can also sling state-of-the-art equipment underneath a helicopter to re-contour or landscape remote sites.

If you have a landscape reclamation project you need help with, please call us: 780-841-5985.

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