How can I get rid of my dandelions?

Dandelion is a perennial plant that spreads by seeds as well an elaborate tap root system. The most effective chemical treatment time is the fall. This is when the plant is sending food into its root system for wintering. With a little chemical you can disrupt it storage and do an effective kill of the root system. This is also true for Thistle.

Is there a "cosmetic use" Chemical Ban in Alberta?

No there is not. Alberta Environment has stopped the sale of Weed and Feed in 2009 due to the misuse of label requirements.

What safety precautions do you use?

All of our applicators either hold an Applicator or and Assistant Applicator License. This means that we have all been trained and tested in the Alberta pesticide regulations. We take our jobs and public perception seriously; our training is extensive, firstly in the proper label requirements for each chemical we use, the proper PPE associated with each one, and the locations where chemical can and cannot be used.

How do you record where you spray?

Each truck is equipped with a GPS system that tracks progress and records our actions. The recordings can then be converted to Google Earth.

Can you spray in remote areas?

Yes, with small machinery that's slung under and carried by a helicopter, we can access remote locations. We also use argos to get into areas that are wet.

Can you spray and save grass?

Yes, with a custom application, we can spray for one species while preserving others.

Are you certified?

Absolutely! Everyone who works for us is a certified applicator or possesses authorized assistant certification.


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